Zagreb GP
The Last Grand Prix of 2023 Has Been Drawn

Zagreb is almost ready to open its doors to the world of elite judo as the eve of the final grand prix ...

Dr Lisa Allan In Porec

For years she was the Events Director of all IJF competitions across the planet.

Women's Day
Judo is Equally Suitable for Women and Men

Sanda Corak is the President of the Croatian Judo Federation.

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
World Judo Day in Croatia

Every year on 28th October, for Jigoro Kano's birthday, Judo Club Pujanke in Split celebrates World Judo ...

Senior Worlds 2022
A First in the History of Judo

There are a handful of notable moments at world championships, through the years, with the Japanese team ...

Senior Worlds 2022
Technical Analysis, Day 5: From the First to the Last Fight of the Day

Croatian Corina Ilic has been working with the IJF IT team for more than a decade & Elisabetta Fratini, ...

Judo Family Mourns the Passing of Željko ĐAPIĆ

It is with sadness that the judo family was informed of the passing of a true legend of Croatian judo, ...

Zagreb GP 2022 - Slow Motion Recap

Slow motion recap #JudoZagreb 2022

Zagreb GP 2022 - Top Ippon

Zagreb Grand Prix, Croatia 2022 - Top Ippon

Zagreb is Open to All Judoka

It’s a nice touch to arrive at an opening ceremony to live music and the attendees of the Zagreb Grand ...

Zagreb Grand Prix 2022 - Promo

Discover the promo video of the Zagreb Grand Prix 2022

European Cadet Championships
The Cadet World Ranking List is in Play in Porec

Now it really feels like we are back! Cadets all over the world had to endure a longer Covid period than ...