Judo for Peace
Beyond All Odds, There is a Brighter Future

It is obvious to everyone that 2020 has been a complicated year in so many ways.

Judo in Schools
Schooljudo Causes Less Social Anxiety Among Young People

The Dutch 'Schooljudo' programme, initiated by Ruben Houkes (2007 world champion and Olympic medalist) ...

What Happens on Thursday?

As we have grown used to for several weeks now, Thursday has become the day of the JudoFit Kids Golden ...

UTS World Virtual Youth Festival

We would like to warmly congratulate the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival for the wonderful organization ...

IJF Celebrates #WorldChildrensDay

On the 14th of December 1954, the United Nations General Assembly recommended that countries celebrate ...

New challenges
JudoFit Kids golden League: Play, Win, Print, Share

Today is Thursday and what happens on Thursday? We publish the two new challenges on the JudoFit Kids ...

One Boy, Two Photos, Three Years

Recently we published a piece of news to tell the story of the new dojo in Kabwe, Zambia, where President ...

Kabwe: From Street to Dojo

A new judo dojo has been officially inaugurated in Zambia.

New challenges
JudoFit Kids Golden League: The Way is Infinite

Today is Thursday and Thursday means that it is the 'New Challenge Day.

JudoFit Kids Golden League: Are You Ready?

If you are under 14 years old and you love judo, this is for you.

Judo in Schools
The Passion to Change the World

Cornelius Matthyser, known as Stompie, was born in South Africa.

Sabrina Filzmoser Surpasses Mount Everest

A few months ago, we left Sabrina Filzmoser (AUT) on the tatami of the World Judo Tour, in her quest ...