Gili Cohen: the World Keeps Turning

When we see Israeli athletes, in any sport, there is always a gathering of visible, vocal supporters ...

Tel Aviv Day 3 - J.U.D.O.

A planetary virus, numerous confinements, deprivation of liberty and concern for an uncertain future: ...

On The Same Page

They have the floor because, after all, they are the main protagonists.

The Privilege of Chance

Being in the right place at the right time is an art and it has a lot to do with experience, but it is ...

Interviews: #JudoTelAviv

Interviews with the winnners of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam 2021

Made in Tel Aviv: Bridges and History

The World Judo Tour catches moments of attention beyond the world of sport, once in a while, but here ...

Tel Aviv - Day 2
Technical Analysis 2

European champion and Olympic bronze medalist Imre Csösz gave us his take on day 2 of the Tel Aviv Grand ...

37 Minutes

The following happened in just 37 minutes.

Tel Aviv 2021
Chelsie Giles: Throw, Win, Smile

Great Britain’s Chelsie Giles has been on a steady incline for the last couple of years.

Tel Aviv Grand Slam 2021: Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony took place in day 1 of the tournament, at 4:30pm local time.

Tel Aviv - Day 1
Technical Analysis

We talked to France’s 1992 Olympic gold medalist Cathy Fleury about the technical aspects of day 1 ...

Tel Aviv Day 1: the Final Final Brings Gold Home

At the end of day one of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam, we can be proud of the continuation of the World Judo ...