It's over

It's over. It seems like a strange dream. Five years of waiting and anguish and before you can savour ...

Official Draw of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games opening ceremony took place.

It's Time for the Tokyo Paralympic Games

For eight days in July 2021, we vibrated to the rhythm of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Tokyo Apotheosis

It has been two weeks since the Olympic judo tournament ended in apotheosis with the victory of the France ...

From Johannesburg to Tokyo

The journey from Johannesburg to Tokyo is long, a 24 hour trip covering 13,527km.

Hope and Work

Siteny Randrianasolo-Niaiko was elected President of the African Judo Union on 18th May in Dakar, but ...

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Incredible But True

Once again everything was written in advance, everything except the incredible but true story that the ...

Juan Carlos Barcos Receives His 8th Dan

During the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, former IJF Head Referee and today's IJF International Affairs Director, ...

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Sone confirms and Krpalek Surprises Everyone

Today the individual tournament of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games ended with the last two Olympic champions ...

Saudi Arabia and Judo Make History in Tokyo 2020

It all started nine years ago. A first step was accomplished when Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani ...

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The Invincible Hamada and the Wolf

On the penultimate day of the individual Olympic judo tournament, we once again witnessed a demonstration ...

A Life Dedicated to Judo and the 8th Dan for Envic Galea

For connoisseurs of the judo family, Envic Galea of Malta is a key figure in world judo.