Judo for Children
The Ungvari Brothers Share Their Experience With UZB Judo Children

Judo is a sport with a presence in many international settings, whether sporting, social, or even political, ...

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Technical Analysis Day 3

For the last day of competition in Tashkent, we asked several coaches what were their impressions after ...

Day 3: Japan Concludes the GS with Four Gold Medals on Day 3

The third and last day of competition has just ended in Tashkent, on the occasion of Uzbekistan’s first ...

Gulnoza MATNIYAZOVA: The Generous Judoka

Yesterday Gulnoza MATNIYAZOVA made history by being the first woman to win a first grand slam medal on ...

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Six Things That You May Have Missed on Day 2 of the Tashkent Grand Slam

If you were not with us on the second day of competition in Tashkent, see what you missed.

How Did the Coaches Deal with the Covid Situation

Between March and October 2020, the World Judo Tour was forced to stop, as most sports did.

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Technical Analysis Day 2

For today's technical anlysis, we asked Christophe Massina (FRA) and Rosicleia Campos (BRA) to tell us ...

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Day 2: Confirmation and Surprises

The host team of this first Tashkent Grand Slam awaited its first medal with the entry of Sharofiddin ...

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Opening Ceremony: A Bright Future For Uzbek Judo

After an exciting second day of competition, which was as qualitative as spectacular and just before ...

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Go Back to Yesterday

If you couldn’t follow the first day of judo from the Tashkent Grand Slam 2021, no problem, here you ...

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Enku EKUTA, the Tatami Philosopher

Enku EKUTA was born and lives in Nigeria, West Africa, on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea and for the ...

Grand Slam Tashkent 2021
Behind the Show

What we are all looking for when watching a World Judo Tour event is the beautiful ippon, athletes in ...