Judo for the World
Judo contributes to saving the Planet and instilling Peace

It was already known that the International Judo Federation was very active in the field of peace.

World Judo Day 2019
Judo Community plants more than 5300 Trees for a Better World

The challenge was at the height of the challenges of today's world: Plant a tree on the occasion of World ...

World Judo Day 2019
Judo Celebrates the Planet

On the occasion of the ninth edition of the World Judo Day, the judo family is once again gathering together ...

World Judo Day 2019
A Tree for Hope

The World Judo Day (WJD) is fast approaching, as it is on October 28th that the judo family will gather ...

World Judo Day 2019
Tyumen Plant Trees

Representatives of the Tyumen Judo Center took part in the "Plant a tree" action.

World Judo Day 2019

Last weekend could have been just one weekend like many others in this hot summer, but not for a group ...

World Judo Day 2019
Judokas Planted a Tree in Chelyabinsk

The theme of the 2019 World Judo Day being ‘PLANT A TREE’, after Italy a few weeks ago, it is the ...

World Judo Day 2019
Italy Fully Engaged to Save the Planet

Italy and the Friuli Venezia Giulia regional committee already showed that they were fully engaged to ...

World Judo Day 2019
Italy Makes the Difference

The Friuli Venezia Giulia regional committee in collaboration with the Unione Ginnastica Goriziana (northern ...

Italy Plants a Cherry Tree to Launch World Judo Day 2019 Campaign

It's been just a few days since the theme of the World Judo Day 2019 was announced (Plant a tree) and ...

World Judo Day 2019
Plant a Tree

Planet Earth is in danger. Scientists all over the world agree that if nothing is done, our common home, ...