A Busy Month

13. Mar 2023 news project story

2023 started on a very high note, with the judoka coming back to the dojo with enthusiasm, showing interest ...

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Flower Power

12. Mar 2021 news

The symbol is simple and strong at the same time. While this period is hectic and all of humanity is ...

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Peace Without Borders

26. Feb 2021 news

In the now well-established Covid climate, charity work all over the world has suffered, with resources, ...

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A Spark in the Dark

14. Jan 2020 news

Hillbrow, in the center of Johannesburg, has become, over the years, a melting pot of misery and violence, ...

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Phase II - The Expansion

25. Feb 2019 Judo for the world news project

Over the past months the Judo for the World programme in South Africa has been developing tremendously ...

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South Africa

13. Aug 2018 Judo for the world

Judo for the world South Africa is an IJF programme led by an IJF Academy graduated coach and of a core ...

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01. Mar 2018 news project story

JUDO FOR THE WORLD - January and February have been very busy months for judo in South Africa as the ...

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