A Colourful Assessment

30. Jan 2024 news

While in a few days the traditional Paris Grand Slam will open, it is time to take non-exhaustive stock ...

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-48kg: 100% for Japan

26. Jan 2024 news

There was a classic scenario at play in the first final of the first day of the first World Judo Tour ...

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Feeling Judo

31. Jan 2023 news

If you are not affected by a serious vision problem yourself, it is not easy to imagine what life is ...

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Better, Faster, Fairer

30. Jan 2023 news

The first day of the IBSA Judo Grand Prix Portugal 2023 took place at the Complexo Municipal dos Desportos ...

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+78: Kim Shows Power

29. Jan 2023 news

We know the current domination of France in this category, since the title of world champion and that ...

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-81kg: Lee Is Back

28. Jan 2023 news

Of the tournament's eight seeds, only Achraf Moutii (MAR) failed to make it to the quarter-finals. We ...

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We Are Here

28. Jan 2023 news

"We are here" could be the three-word summary of the adventure that São Tomé and Príncipe is living ...

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Let Us Open the Window

27. Jan 2023 news

The World Judo Tour is a well-oiled machine which has been running smoothly for many years. Organising ...

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Portugal 2022 Top Ippon

01. Feb 2022 news

2022 started off with a bang! Check out some of our top ippons from #JudoPortugal. What was your favorite ...

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The Adventure Begins

30. Jan 2022 news

In the world of judo nobody rests on Sundays. In the world of judo, weekends are made to make noise and ...

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The Champion's Relief

29. Jan 2022 news

On the first day Netherlands and Croatia caressed the gold and won silver. On the second, both confirmed ...

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Judo: A Living Being

27. Jan 2022 news

There is always a certain excitement that arises when the doors of a World Judo Tour event open and the ...

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The Kata Catalysis

27. Oct 2021 news

Day 2 at #JudoKata brought new emotions and added to the history of kata events worldwide. Today three ...

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Veterans: New Energy

24. Oct 2021 news

The women’s categories brought a new energy to the tatami on the last day of the Veterans World Championships. ...

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Veterans: Good Memories

23. Oct 2021 news

The third day of competition (M4: 45-49 years old - M5: 50-54) at the Veterans World Championships was ...

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