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The idea behind a “Hall of Fame” is to celebrate and commemorate the best sports people of a given sport. The first major one to establish itself was the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York since 1939. Through an annual election process, retired players are selected by a group of established baseball journalists.

This is the principle by which most others have followed, however in Judo, anybody can send a nomination to the IJF and this nomination is reviewed and voted upon by the IJF Hall of Fame Selection Committee composed of the IJF Executive Committee,the IJF Commission Members and the IJF Commissioners.

The history of modern Judo spans well over fifty years. In that time it has gone through many manifestations and changes in style (especially with the current economic upheaval that is taking place), but most importantly any athlete or country you support it has also produced exhilarating moments and magical athletes and continues to foster exciting legends for the future.

That's why honoring our heroes, officials and benefactors in the International Judo Federation Hall of Fame is so necessary at present through our web site and in the future in a magnificent new building that will become a shrine for fans and an exciting new leisure complex in its own right.

The International Judo Federation Hall of Fame represents an inspirational new concept and leisure complex for the players and the fans.

It's been far too long in coming but now it's become a reality!