Gevrise Emane: On all fronts

07. Oct 2018 news

Gevrise Emane (FRA) is no longer to be presented. Triple World Champion and Olympic medalist, she is in Buenos Aires as coach of the young Roman VALADIER ...

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21. Feb 2018 news

Respect for others begins with self-respect. You have to know how to lose, that's true, but you also have to know how the manner in which to win. When one ...

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08. Feb 2018 news project story

Discover the last episode of the Judo for the World series dedicated to France. Last December the IJF team went to Strasbourg and Paris to discover the ...

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Teddy Riner among judo's flagbearers

25. Jul 2016 news

Olympic champion and eight-time world champion Teddy Riner was announced on Sunday as his country’s flagbearer for the Rio 2016 opening ceremony on Friday ...

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Judoka and astronaut (6)

13. Jul 2016 story

Baïkonour "Today I left Moscow for Houston. Peggy, Oleg and I just spent two weeks in Baikonur to ensure our role as replacement crew for the ones who ...

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Judoka and astronaut (part 4)

10. May 2016 story

"In April, I discovered vacuum for the first time. I tested the EMU spacesuit in spatial conditions inside a vacuum chamber at the Johnson Space Flight ...

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