27. Sep 2018 news

The Baku World Judo Championships 2018, individuals, have come to an end. Relive the emotion of the 14 ...

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Meet Babir

26. Sep 2018 news

You can’t have a big sporting event without a mascot now, can you? The 2018 IJF World Championships ...

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Meet the Green Brigade

21. Sep 2018 news

If you’re watching the 2018 Judo Worlds, be it live or via TV or even livestreaming, you’ve probably ...

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20. Sep 2018 Judo for the world plain

On September 20th, the Judo World Championships will start in Azerbaijan in the heart of the capital ...

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Baku Postcard

17. Sep 2018 news story

The first thing almost everyone says when they visit Baku for the first time is — wow, I had no idea. ...

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